Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Birth of TV Therapy

About two months ago, I was sitting alone drinking in my living room waiting for my roommate to come home while listening to "Everlong" by the Foo Fighters. On repeat. For roughly an hour. Then the internet went out, and suddenly my lonesome rocking out seemed terrifyingly sad. I desperately fought for a diversion against the booze setting in and spinning me around to the realization I'd just spent an entire hour listening to "Everlong" by the Foo Fighters.

I glanced over at two TV's that were facing each other (I own a total of 10) and the thought of seeing a ghost in the static rushed to mind -- I remembered seeing a paranormal show when I was little about pausing recordings of TV static to find ghostly faces. This then led to me leaning the TVs against each other while I laid underneath, determined to see ghost static in real-time. Three or four times, however, the TVs collapsed on my face, and I realized a more structurally sound apparatus ought to be built.

As mentioned before, I own a total of 10 TVs, so gathering the raw materials was no hurdle. I placed three of the TVs in an open square shape, screens in, then placed a fourth on top, screen facing down. I knew an actual structure would have to be built at some point, but this proved sound enough to stop TVs from hitting my face. This will be known as version 1.0. With v-1.0 constructed, I was ready to begin looking at ghosts, and with all 4 screens tuned in to static and the volume turned up I laid down for my very first session of what I came to call TV Therapy.

Next: The First Session - In Search of a Ghost

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